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Hilton Athens: ultimate luxury in the heart of the city

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A couple of weeks ago I had the fantastic opportunity to have a short staycation at the Athens Hilton Hotel. I have to admit that such luxury short city breaks are my favourite way to relax and pamper myself whenever I need an escape.

Ready for my relaxing weekend to begin at Hilton Athens hotel!

Is there anything better than a chance to escape daily life for a couple of days and treat yourself to a relaxing weekend? Sometimes being a tourist in your own city is one of the best experiences ever. You don’t have to spend a lot of time traveling to another location, yet you get all the benefits of a good change of scenery. Combine that with a lovely 5-star hotel stay and it’s a city break as good as it can ever be!

View of the Acropolis from the Hilton Athens hotel

My Athens staycation

I arrived at Hilton Athens after a short Uber ride from my home. Isn’t the short travel time one of the best aspects of staycations? Upon arrival, the hotel doorman rushed to my assistance and offered to have my suitcase taken to my room for me. He even put a numbered tag on it and gave me the receipt!

As I was to be staying at one of the Executive Rooms on the upper hotel floors, I was able to bypass the regular reception at the lobby and go straight upstairs to the 11th floor where the Executive Room reception is located. Well, not exactly “straight up”, as the doorman had to use his key in the elevator for me to be able to access the upper floors. Talking about exclusive treatment!

Αυτή η κάρτα δεν είναι το κλειδί μόνο του δωματίου, αλλά και του ασανσέρ, καθώς οι επάνω όροφοι είναι προσβάσιμοι μόνο στους ενοίκους των Executive Rooms.
This card is more than a room key, as it allows Executive Rooms residents exclusive elevator access to the upper floors.

By the way, on the 11th floor, in addition to the reception, you’ll find the Executive Lounge. As a resident of any of the Executive Rooms, you have exclusive access to the lounge, which offers additional free snacks, continental breakfast, fresh fruit all day long and drinks at happy hour. All that with an unlimited view to the city and the Acropolis too!

The Hilton Athens Executive Room Experience

The best things start with a welcome bottle of red wine!

Even though staying at any room of Hilton Athens Hotel is a total 5-star experience, nevertheless, staying at one of the Executive Rooms of the upper three floors comes with additional perks. Just the amazing view of Athens from your very own private balcony is reason enough to upgrade!

My room with the huge king bed and sofa
Happiness is to wake up to this view
A welcome glass of red wine is the best start to a relaxing weekend

Room amenities

The room has all the luxury amenities the discerning traveller would expect from a 5-star hotel, such as a 42″ satellite TV and high-speed wireless Internet as well as a fully stocked mini-bar, coffee & tea making facilities, a professional level hairdryer, quality towel robes, slippers and even an actual ironing board and steam iron.  

Άποψη του μπάνιου με τη μπανιέρα - Photo: Athens Hilton
My bathroom with the gorgeous marble bathtub
Can I take these amazing mirror lights home with me please? They are so perfect for makeup application!
It’s 5-star bubble bath time!

I was very impressed by the gorgeous bathroom. It’s practically a room by itself! Made completely out of marble, it has amazing mirror lights, perfect for a lady’s makeup routine, but also a big bathtub as well as a spacious separate shower cabin. Needless to say, I opted for a most relaxing bubble bath in the bath tub!

The Hiltonia Spa

I’ve already mentioned the exclusive access to the 11th floor Executive Lounge, but it is also worth mentioning that staying at an Executive Room also gives you free access to the Hiltonia Spa as well.

There you’ll find an amazing (and big!) indoor heated pool, jacuzzi, sauna and a fully equipped gym. Moreover, and at extra cost, you can enjoy spa services such as massages and beauty treatments. Personally I went for an unbelievable hyaluronic facial treatment which left me relaxed and face totally glowing.

A foodie heaven

Keeping it healthy, even during vacations

In addition to high quality accommodation, the Hilton Athens Hotel offers an equally high quality cuisine. After all, one wouldn’t accept anything less from a 5-star hotel of a European metropolis. Residents of the Executive Rooms can of course enjoy a Continental breakfast at their exclusive lounge.

Is this room service breakfast really just for one person? Or even for two?

However, they can also enjoy the wonderful breakfast buffet of Byzantino restaurant on the ground floor. Otherwise, you could follow my example and have a relaxing breakfast in bed. Just choose your preference (Continental or American breakfast) on the card you’ll find in the room, mention your prefered breakfast time, place the card on the handle outside your door before 4 a.m. and get pleasantly surprised the next morning!

The famous Hilton Athens sushi

Following a full breakfast like the one I had, admittedly I had no need to eat again until afternoon. But I couldn’t say no to Galaxy Bar & Restaurant‘s famous sushi! Located on the 13th floor, this gorgeous rooftop restaurant and adjacent bar, offers some of the best views of Athens with the Acropolis in the middle. You can read all about it in my sushi night post!

Read also: Sushi & Champagne under the stars of Galaxy Bar & Restaurant

Athens by night from the best balcony in the city!

Hilton Athens is located very centrally in the city, at 46, Vassilissis Sofias avenue.  For more info and to make a booking, please call +30 210-7281000, or email [email protected] . You can also visit the Hilton Athens Hotel webpage. Finally, you can also follow the hotel on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration!

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