Oysho Join Life: new sustainable fashion collections

Oysho Join Life: new sustainable fashion collections

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Oysho is betting on sustainable fashion and on the other hand I am betting on improving my fitness, so I shopped my new workout wardrobe from the new Join Life collection. This way, I’ll be doing something good to both myself and the environment!

Oysho Join Life

To be honest, I’ve always been one of those annoying types of people who could eat pizza and ice cream and not gain weight. Perhaps not as much as my skinny mum (who still can eat whatever she likes and not gain a single gram) but I’ve always been within normal weight and it was easy to lose any excess pounds after, say, overeating at Christmas.

But after hitting 40, things haven’t been quite as easy as before. The scales slowly, but steadily, started to go upwards but I dismissed it as something temporary. Fast forward 4 years and 15 kilos later, something had to be done! Recently I watched the “How to cheat death” documentaries on BBC and completely freaked out by the potential damage this extra weight is doing to my body, so I decided to stop putting off things. I went to my favourite brand Oysho and invested in a new workout wardrobe, in order to hit the gym in style.

Consequently, I was very excited when I learned about Oysho’s new sustainable fashion collection, Join Life and I tried to choose as many Join Life items as possible for my workout gear.

The new Oysho Join Life collections

Join Life: sustainable materials & reduced waste

All Join Life clothes are made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, which comes from non-genetically modified seeds and grown on natural fertilizers. Or, from Tencel, a fibre created within a closed circuit that recycles and reuses 100% of the water it needs and that comes from controlled wood producing forests.

In addition, the production of all recycled fabrics consumes less natural resources and produces less waste. Thus, it has reduced effects on the environment and protects biodiversity. Moreover, Oysho never uses products from animals that are sacrificed for the commercialization of leather, horns, bones, feather or any other material, nor uses cosmetics tested on animals.

Join Life: a holistic approach to protecting the environment

The Join Life project however goes beyond the materials from which clothes are made. The essential steps in this process go through a sustainable production and support system. For instance, 91% of Oysho’s physical shops are eco-efficient. Also, the new packing materials for online purchases are made from recycled material, while the company has begun to implement an unused clothes collection programme in selected stores.

With the Join Life project, Oysho is betting on the respect of our environment. They achieve this goal by ensuring greater quality, while incorporating the caring for Earth’s resources in the production cycle and constantly researching new solutions for the protection of the natural environment.

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