A blissful beauty ritual at the new Orloff spa in Thissio

A blissful beauty ritual at the new Orloff spa in Thissio

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Orloff Spa is a well-known name in the luxury spa business, with elegant spa centers in upscale Athens hotels, featuring exclusive cosmetics such as Cinq Mondes and Valmont. The new Orloff Spa Thisio is the latest arrival in the Orloff chain of luxury spa centers, which include a high end hammam and spa in the Life Gallery Athens hotel in Ekali, and the luxury spa hotel Theoxenia Palace in Kifissia. The Orloff Day Spa in Thisio is the brand’s first ever opening in downtown Athens, just a short distance from the Acropolis.

The new Orloff Spa in Thissio, a very central Athens location, easily reachable by Metro (Photo: Orloff Day Spa)

After every “high” follows a “low” and January is a typical “low” month, following the buzz and energy of December and the holiday period. But this characteristic actually makes it a great time for some well-deserved self-care and pampering treatments, don’t you agree?

So it goes without saying that the opening of the new Orloff spa in Thissio couldn’t come at a better time! I happily jumped at the opportunity to visit it and experience the “Fleurs de Bali” face ritual first hand!

The beautiful reception area at the new Orloff spa in Thiseio

Where is Orloff Day Spa located?

The new Orloff Day Spa Thissio is located in the first floor of a beautiful neoclassical building, just off the Thissio metro station. The building was recently renovated inside and transformed into luxury apartments. The decor is so beautiful and elegant that you will feel pleasantly surprised and relaxed the moment you walk in through the entrance. The whole area feels like a luxurious, calm haven, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The wet area and changing rooms (Photo: Orloff Day Spa)
The double spa room for couples or friends (Photo: Orloff Day Spa)
The post-treatment relaxation area (Photo: Orloff Day Spa)

What treatments are offered?

The Orloff spa has four treatment rooms, one of them with two beds for couples’ massages. Orloff Spa Thissio offers a variety of spa packages and treatments. There is also a steam room where you can enjoy hammam-type rituals, as well as an impressive “Tropical Rain” shower room, where the lights change colour, adding a colour therapy element to the water ritual.

The steam room (Photo: Orloff Day Spa)
Peeling Room (Photo: Orloff Day Spa)

What is the “Fleurs de Bali” ritual?

The Fleurs de Bali by Cinq Mondes ritual is an opulent facial treatment, inspired by the beauty rituals of Balinese women, which use tropical flowers to restore radiance to their skin. The ritual is very personalised, following a skin diagnosis by a spa beauty expert.

Upon arriving at Orloff Spa Thissio, I was greeted by the smiling receptionist, who escorted me to the treatment level, one floor below. There, I discussed my skin issues with the very helpful beauty expert assigned to me and we agreed that the Fleurs de Bali by Cinq Mondes was the most appropriate ritual for my sensitive skin.

The room where I had my facial treatment

I can only say that the Fleurs de Bali by Cinq Mondes is more than just a facial treatment. It is a true beauty and relaxation ritual. First of all, the beauty expert sprayed the room with the soothing “Eau de Bangalore” by Cinq Mondes, full of the delicious aromas of vanilla, cardamom, basmati rice and lemon. Then she guided me to take controlled deep breaths to relax. Afterwards, the Orloff Spa expert removed my makeup very, very gently, with the velvety “Pâte des Fleurs” face cleanser by Cinq Mondes and proceeded with the rest of the beauty ritual. In between steps, she would often massage my face and neck with quick, small taps of her fingers. It was fantastic! And there was more fragrance sprayed above my head every so often!

Aromatherapy and colour therapy is available in all the rooms

The Fleurs de Bali ritual was one of the most amazing half hours I have ever spent in a spa. I felt completely transported to the tropical island of Bali and didn’t want the treatment to stop! But every good thing comes to an end, yet this treatment ended with a surprise foot massage and more deep breaths, that concluded my experience in the most relaxing way.

Fragrant herbal tea was waiting for me after my spa treatment

My skin was literally glowing following the treatment. In fact, when my mother saw me later that day, she thought I had makeup on, when actually I was wearing only the Cinq Mondes face cream from the ritual!

The whole experience was impeccable, the place relaxing and elegant. I am eager to go again and try more treatments, especially one of their bath rituals and a massage.


Orloff Spa at Thiseio
2-4, Asomaton and Sari street, Athens
Tel: +30 210 896 0028 / +30 210 522 6152
Email: [email protected]


My treatment at Orloff Spa was complimentary, but all opinions and views expressed are my own. 

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