A magical November at Elatos Resort & Health Club

A magical November at Elatos Resort & Health Club

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Autumn is the best time to go on a romantic weekend escape at the mountains of Greece. What better place in fact, than Elatos Resort & Health Club at Mount Parnassos. Especially during the month of November, Elatos Resort promises a magical experience for all with its special themed weekends.

In November, visitors of Elatos Resort will have the opportunity to enjoy staying in the charming and cosy chalets of the resort, which are dotted around the lush, green countryside of Eptalofos in Parnassos, in a way reminiscent of a fairytale village. Moreover, the resort’s themed weekends are the perfect excuse for a stimulating weekend in nature. 

The 2nd Dog Weekend at Elatos Resort

The resort’s themed weekends have already begun with the 2nd Dog Weekend, which took place with much success, on the first weekend of November.

Our furry friends gathered Saturday morning in the court of Elatos Club House, where veterinarian Lazaros Karanasios and dog instructor Yiannis Kouvelis talked about the importance of First Aid. Afterwards, the dogs, their owners and the trainers went all together on a walk in the beautiful fir forest. 

Upon returning to the Club House, scrumptious treats awaited everyone at the Hot Dog & Chili con Carne Feast. In the afternoon, representatives of “LARA”, the Greek School for Guide Dogs, gave a passionate speech about the power of support of our beloved four-legged friends. 

Later on, veterinarian Lazaros Karanasios and dog instructor Yiannis Kouvelis, gave important information to dog owners about spaying & neutering, immunization, microchips, proper instruction, separation stress but also the importance of play.

The 2nd Dog Weekend concluded Sunday morning, with everyone taking part in the track competition that was organized by instructor Yiannis Kouvelis. Winner of the race and “Best Runner Dog” was a sprity Jack Russell. Everybody was so excited that they promised to come back for the 3rd Dog Weekend in 2019!

The 2nd Dog Weekend was sponsored by Royal Canin, who was responsible for our furry friends proper diet, Paw Box with many lovely gifts for our pets, Spa4Paws took great care of the dogs and Ohhhmydog had unique pet accessories.

Christmas & Thanksgiving at Mount Parnassos

Credits: Costas Arvilias Photography

The weekend before last of November (i.e. November 23-15), Elatos Resort & Health Club celebrates Thanksgiving and thus opens the festive season for the resort.

Credits: Costas Arvilias Photography

That particular weekend will also see the official decorating and lighting of the Elatos Resort Christmas tree. Grown ups and children alike will enjoy the festivities, while a special treasure hunt, inspired by the Thanksgiving turkey, will turn the weekend into an unforgettable experience for all. 

Mountain Fitness Bootcamp: Invigorate Body & Soul

Elatos Resort & Health Club offers an unprecedented opportunity to relax, stimulate and invigorate your body and mind, in collaboration with Premium Wellness, between November 30th and December 2nd. 

Animal Movement Creator & Fitness specialist, Panos Theodorou, and  Yoga  & Moveology Specialist, Evangelos Apostolopoulos, climb up Mount Parnassos to offer Elatos Resort guests a complete rejuvenation programme. There will be outdoor activities, hiking sessions, Fitness Challenge Games, Animal Movement & Locomotion exercises, meditations, sound baths and more.

This is undoubtedly a great opportunity to recharge your batteries while exercising body and mind under the supervision of specialists. And all this, while getting to stay in the magical fir forest of Eptalofos in Mount Parnassos.

Autumn is special in Parnassos and Elatos Resort & Health Club, with its unique themed weekends, offers the best motive to escape in the beautiful autumnal nature of mainland Greece.


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