The Best Fashion Bloggers over 40 to follow now

The Best Fashion Bloggers over 40 to follow now

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Style has no age and that’s more than just a cliché, as the following fashion bloggers over 40 (and 50,  60 and more!) prove with their stylish outfits, again and again. 

It is easy to think that fashion is something only for size-0 20-somethings, given all those photos circulating on social media. Even worse, there still are some people who agree with the outdated notion that women after “a certain age” should wear conservative clothes in drab colours.

And yet, diversity in fashion is gaining momentum by the day and you better pay attention, because it’s the future people. It’s no coincidence that, this very year, both Jane Fonda (at 79) and Helen Mirren (at 72) walked the catwalk for L’Oréal at the Paris Fashion Week. Or that Julia Roberts was voted the World’s Most Beautiful Woman for People Magazine at age 50.

Whoever said you can’t wear bright colours after 40?!

In addition, a woman in her 40s and beyond has done enough experimentations with fashion in her youth to know what her individual style is. She won’t wear a trend if it does not flatter her. She knows what suits her body shape, is according to her values and works with her lifestyle. And those very characteristics are what make the over-40 fashion blogger one of the best style advisors there are.

These are some the best fashion bloggers over 40. Let them inspire you!

Carelia Moran / My Small Wardrobe

Catherine Summers / Not Dressed As A Lamb

Yvonne Aeberhard Stutz / Funky Forty

Ifigeneia Plevraki / Moments ‘n’ Style

Annette Höldrich / Lady Of Style

Helen Stasinopoulou / Oh So Chic

Lyn Slater / Accidental Icon

Kat Farmer / Does My Bum Look 40

Nina Papaioannou / Trends Survivor

Shauna Robertson / Chic Over 50

Janise Burrafato / Mama In Heels

Mama in Heels –

Coleen Heidemann

Cathy Williamson / The Middle Page

Judith Boyd / Style Crone



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      29 October 2018 / 11:47 pm

      You’re welcome Yvonne! You’re such an inspiration xx

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