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Hello there! Thank you for stopping by! My name is Eleanna (pronounced eh-leh-ah-nah) and I’m a full-time solo travel & lifestyle blogger, based in Athens, Greece. If you enjoy exploring the world independently but in comfort, authentic cultural and local food experiences, and occasionally indulging in a little luxury and pampering, then you will love Happily Chic!

My Story

I am mostly Greek and part Russian, raised in a multicultural family. When I was little, a total of six languages were spoken in our home! I’m essentially what sociologists call a “third culture kid” (read more about my heritage here). As a result, I grew up dreaming about exploring the world and learning about “how people in other places lived”.

I fell in love with air travel when I was 4 years old. My mother and I traveled to Crete to join my father, who was stationed there for a few months. I was so excited that I remember it to this day! Later, when I was 17, I went on my first solo trip abroad and it is still my favourite way to travel. More solo travel followed of course and throughout the years I travelled from Sweden to Canada and from Turkey to Brazil.

Also during that first trip, I got to experience 5-star hotel accommodation for three months (paid for by my dad’s job). As a result, this set my standards pretty high early on. I believe that a little luxury here and there makes life so much more fun!

Why I blog

Growing up, I wanted to become a journalist and foreign correspondent. However, like many people, especially women, I was encouraged instead to choose a more sensible path in life, get a desk job, get married, have kids and so on. I tried to follow this path, the more time passed, the more unhappy and unfulfilled I felt. I managed to go as far as getting engaged, before deciding to follow my dreams to explore the world and become a journalist, or at least the next best thing, a blogger.

After some experimenting with different blogs, I created Happily Chic in 2017, to share with you my travel stories, favourite restaurants in Athens and around the world and all the little luxuries that make life enjoyable.

About Happily Chic

This blog is all about exploring the world in comfort and style. Here you will find from the best places to see, do and eat in Athens, my travel stories, hotel reviews and destination guides, to style inspiration and my favourite beauty products.


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